Mobile application development on all platforms

We create turn-key applications for every purpose imaginable, be it banking, location-based services (LBS), mobile marketing, social networking, etc. 
We have been working on all of the relevant mobile platforms for years:

  • Android: We have been working with Android since the release of Android 1.0 in September 2008
  • BlackBerry: We have been creating BlackBerry apps since BlackBerry OS 3.8 was released in 2004
  • iOS: We began coding iPhone apps in November 2007 – before the first SDKs were even released
  • J2ME / Java ME: Founder Robert Virkus created J2ME for the Siemens SL42i phone in 2002, the first device in Europe with a J2ME compatible virtual machine.
  • HTML5: We have been creating mobile widgets since 2005 and have seen the technology mature through today. We know its strengths and weaknesses as opposed to native apps and are willing to guide you through that jungle.
  • Windows Phone: Working with Windows Mobile from version 5.0 / .NET CF 1.0 enabled us to quickly make the jump to Windows Phone in 2010.
  • Windows 8: We started Windows 8 development with the Developer Preview version which was unveiled at the Build conference in September 2011.

We adopt relevant new mobile technologies early and therefore enable our partners to stay ahead of their competitors. We familiarize ourselves with the latest standards, one of which is the Rich Communication Suite - Enhanced (RCS-e), also commercially known as Joyn.

Under References, you will find listed some of the companies that we are currently working with.

Do you already have a formed concept down to the details? Or do you still need assistance in specifying your application idea? Not an issue!
Our highly-skilled, multi-platform team of engineers and consultants is there to assist you in developing the right strategy to get your product market-ready, quickly. 

Succeed by making use of our professional expertise. 

  • Prototyping: React quickly and test your ideas almost immediately on real handsets with our prototypes.
  • Design: Create stunning and highly functional applications with our mobile centric designs.
  • Realization: Using a range of both server-side, as well as client side technologies, we will bring your project to reality. It is, of course, also possible that our part is limited to the client-side.
  • Usability: Mobile solutions need to take into account usability aspects different from PC based ones. Furthermore, every mobile platform has its own individual strengths and usage patterns that should be taken into consideration. Trust and benefit from our expertise, gained through years of experience as mobile developers.
  • Optimization and Porting: Optimizing performance across the range of target devices improves the viability of your solution. 

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