Benefit from our years of experience as mobile app developers

  • Platform Assessment: We assess your original idea, while taking into account your particular target group, and identify which platforms and technologies are most viable for its realization. We may also alter your ideas to expand their market potential and minimize time-to-market. 
    The multiplicity of mobile operating systems and technologies demand the careful balance between optimal user experience, maximum market reach and the shortest time-to-market. A cross-platform HTML5 solution, therefore, may be the choicest option for one customer while a native implementation is a crucial must for the other. We will define, with you, an individualized strategy that would best utilize the available technical possiblities. 
  • Architectural Planing and Review: The architecture of your solution provides the foundation to your success. Rely on our expertise and experience in the mobile arena in creating an architecture that does not limit future enhancements while remaining small, aesthetic, and of course more performant. 
  •  Usability: A well implemented user experience is one of the determining factors, if not the most relevant one, to a mobile app's success. The key to this is the harmony between innovative design and intuitive use without losing sight of the overall experience. iPhone users also have other expectations towards their apps then Android users. We know about these differences and how to adress them. Our team of designers, consultants, and developers will realize, with you, apps that not only look, but also simply feel good. Wireframes and Clickdummys make these early concepts more tangible. We then design the experience and the user interface.

You can build up your own expertise by making use of our consulting services. There is no need to invent the wheel twice. Get a head-start with us as your partner.

App Coaching

Mobile app development implies a lot more than „just“ coding. For the best possible results, you need good architecture, supportive tooling and clear processes.

Our experienced engineers and project managers review your processes, structures, and your codebase to detect problems and eliminate them together with your team. We address continuous integration, branching and merging strategies in your sourcecode repositories, support for multiple OS versions, automated testing options and more. Benefit from our many years of experience and get your project back on track!

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