J2ME Polish Support Options

Please choose from a variety of support options.

Option Description Pricing
Support Query Ask any support question via email. Buy a support ticket. 99.00 EUR
Advanced Support Unlimited number of support requests by email and phone plus implementation of features and components that can accumulate up to one working week/ 40 working hours within the support period of six months. Questions are answered within 2 working days, bugfixes are provided on a asap basis. 1,500.00 Euro per month
Training Fullday training for designers or developers that use J2ME Polish. Further details are available upon request. 1,000.00 Euro per day and per Developer plus travel and accommodation expenses.
Exclusive Extensions Exclusive extensions of J2ME Polish. Please inquire by sending an email to services@remove-this.enough.de

Commercial Licensing

Purchase your commercial license for J2ME Polish now and bring your applications to the market quicker!