J2ME Polish is distributed under the GNU General Public License as well as commercial licenses.


You can use the GPL license for projects, which are licensed under the GNU General Public License without limitations.
More information about the GPL is available at these sites:

Commercial Licenses

When the source code of your mobile applications should not be published under the GNU GPL license, you can use one of the following commercial licenses:
License Explanation Price (excluding VAT)
Single License Develop one application and sell as many copies as you want of that application. You can also sell several design variations, customizations and device ports of your application.
Further features:
  • All updates included within the same major version (2.x)
  • Feature requests of licensees enjoy high priority
99.00 Euro

Please read the full license-conditions carefully:

If you have a question regarding the licensing of J2ME Polish, please get in touch with Robert Virkus,

Why and when do I need a commercial license?

When you develop applications with J2ME Polish, specific APIs are woven into your application during the build process, i.e. the GUI classes, the serialization classes, the game-engine classes, the localization classes, the logging classes, etc. Since your application then uses these classes you effectively link agains the J2ME Polish library. The GNU GPL license requires you to publish your completely source code solely under the GNU GPL again. That's why the alternative commercial licenses exist. These commercial licenses allow you to use J2ME Polish completely without any restrictions for your commercial applications.

So what constitutes a 'single application'?

If you want to license J2ME Polish for one or several single applications, you need to obtain one Single License for each application.
We define a 'single application' like a layman would do - so as long as a normal person would still regard this application as being the same. A single application can include for example: 

  • Several versions 
  • Different device ports 
  • Design customizations 
  • Localizations 
  • Small functionality changes like a customized user navigation, different about screens, and similar 

As sooon as the main objective or the core feature set of an application changes, it will not constitute a 'single application' in our licensing terms - so please obtain an additional license for this scenario. Also different branches like a 'basic' and an 'enterprise' version of your application usually requires separated licensing. If in doubt please ask us on 

In what cases do I NOT need a commercial license?

You can use J2ME Polish build framework commercially for closed source application as well.

However you must not use any of the following advanced features without obtaining a commercial license or without open sourcing your application as well:

  • The J2ME Polish GUI
  • The Serialization Framework
  • The Remote Method Invocation (RMI) Framework
  • The Persistence Framework
  • The Game Engine / MIDP/2.0 compatible game-API
  • The Localization Framework
  • The BitMapFont classes
  • Any utility classes

When you use any of the above features you need to use the commercial license of J2ME Polish. The legal reason is that in those cases you link your application code with J2ME Polish code - this linking requires then either open sourcing your application's code or obtaining a commercial license.

There is one exemption: you may use the logging framework commercially using the #debug preprocessing statements.

You can use the building framework along with the device database, the preprocessing, the resource assembling and so on for building commercial J2ME applications without acquiring a commercial license.

You can also extend J2ME Polish by using the extension points (that are all based on the de.enough.polish.Extension class) without needing to release your extension under the GPL. The same applies for your own backgrounds and borders that are based on J2ME Polish. So you can create and sell commercial extensions for J2ME Polish without needing to license J2ME Polish yourself.

The device database itself is also licensed under the GPL, so if you want to use the database for something different than building your applications, you need our written consent first (or publish your project under the GPL again).

Support Options

For Support Options visit this page.

Open Source Excemption

Any projects that are published under an open source license approved by the Open Source Initiative may use J2ME Polish without restrictions. Note that this does not apply for closed source products derived from such products.

Security of Investments

When the development on J2ME Polish should be discontinued, Enough Software will license the full product under the GNU Lesser General Public License, allowing full commercial usage without limitations. Thus Enough Software offers a very high investment security!

Commercial Licensing

Purchase your commercial license for J2ME Polish now and bring your applications to the market quicker!