horizontal-split Background

The horizontal-split background separates the background in a left and a right part.


horizontal-split background
The above title design has been realized by combining a horizontal-split with a circle background:

backgrounds {
	titleCircle {
		type: circle;
		color: red;
		diameter: 80%;
		anchor: right | vcenter;
		x-offset: -5;
	titleBg {
		type: horizontal-split;
		left-color: #f00;
		right-color: #ccc;
		split-pos: 75%;
title {
	margin: 2;
	padding: 2;
	padding-top: 12;
	padding-bottom: 12;
	padding-left: 12;
	padding-right: 8;
	font-face: proportional;
	font-size: large;
	font-style: bold;
	font-color: #ccc;
	background {
		type: combined;
		foreground: titleCircle;
		background: titleBg;
	layout: left | expand;	

CSS attributes:

CSS Attribute  DefaultValuesExplanationSince
left-color white color Left color of the background. 1.3
right-color gray color Right color of the background. 1.3
split-pos 50% dimension (px, %), e.g. 3.5% The split position either in percent (1% - 100%) or in pixels. 0 has a special meeting - it results in a rectangular split area. 1.3
split-side left left, right The side of the split position - usually makes only sense when using an absolute pixel value, e.g. when you want to have a right side of 40 pixels. 1.3