Many people have contributed to J2ME Polish by suggesting improvements, bug-reports and encouragement. Thanks to everyone of you!

A special thanks goes to the following contributors:

  • Anders Bo Pedersen for various bug fixes and contributions to image processing tools and 3D graphics framework.
  • Craig Newton for TabbedForm improvements and working on a runtime CSS intepreter.
  • Elmar Weber of for audio player improvements, GCF and socket porting for Android, and around 24 bug fixes :D
  • Fabio Beghin - Euris Progetti: for improving the RmsStorage
  • Vera Wahler of iWelt for implementing the HttpLogHandler and the Ant task for converting fonts automatically into bitmapfonts.
  • Horst J├Ąger of Medienkonzepte for contributing the floating point math library de.enough.polish.util.HFloat.
  • Pierre G. Richard for contributing many bugfixes and improvements of J2ME Polish. He is also the creator of the forthcoming VNC client/server.
  • Eugene Markov for fixing the inheritance of styles and colors.
  • Alexander Sommer for improving the handling of italic bitmap fonts.
  • Alec Bickerton for improving the fonteditor.
  • Martin Leissler of brainmelt for contributing packaging and resouce handling improvements.
  • Alec Bickerton for enhancing and bugfixing the font editor.
  • Kin Wong for providing the "midp2" view-type for Forms.
  • Waldemar Baraldi of Grimo for providing the SysInfo MIDlet and translating the tour into Spanish.
  • Mark Schrijver for working on the SysInfo MIDlet.
  • Li Tianyu for translating the tour into Chinese. His QQ number is 29086921 and his MSN
  • Thomas Kraft of Synyx GmbH & Co KG: for reviewing the Pro J2ME Polish book and making some articles about it available.
  • Andrew Barnes from Generator Interactive: for implementing the direct input mode of the TextField and TextBox.
  • Piotr Czarny: for helping to improve J2ME Polish by creating many(!) sample-applications which showed weaknesses of J2ME Polish.
  • Thomas Broyer: for further optimizing the MIDP/2.0 compatible game engine, inventing the bpi-image-format and improving J2ME Polish in many ways.
  • Kostas Kakoulis: for very intensive beta-testing of the pointer events.
  • Sebastian Szczygiel: for extending the device database.
  • Jan Peknik: for optimizing the MIDP/2.0 compatible game engine.
  • Thomas Polaschek: for the provision of the discussion forum.
  • Attila Truszek: for exceptional deep & thorough testing and provision of code snippets.
  • Jinny Verdonck: for the many device definitions of the device database.
  • Maura Kalusky and Maren Rache: for the design of the J2ME Polish Logo