But why the turtle?!

23 Jul 2017 category: enough .
#enough #history

People always ask me why we have chosen the turtle as our logo and mascot. For a software company. For a fast moving software company. Here’s how and here’s why.


I always wanted to have an animal as a logo but didn’t like the predominant aggresive animals that IT companies used in the beginning of 2000. When I visited an Irish pub with some friends we looked at this Guinness advertisements:

We liked it and joked around how funny it would be to use a turtle as a company logo. Somehow that joke stuck.


A turtle is adorable creature. It can be cute.

It can be tough.

It can be bossy.

The turtle is also quite an evolutionary success. Being on Earth for more than 150 million years is quite a feat. And in case you wondered: the shell originated most likely to help with digging in the first place.


Last but not least: a turtle is usually characterized as

  • friendly
  • sturdy
  • reliable
  • tough
  • and, err, slow

But what the heck, it’s also quite memorable, don’t you agree?


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