Enough Software: an agile team of open source enthusiasts

Enough Software was founded in 2005 with the vision of easing the development of mobile solutions and of providing top-notch services in multi-platform application development.


We, a dedicated team of 20 engineers and designers, design, develop, and port mobile apps for every purpose, on any platform, that you require. Android, BlackBerry, HTML5, iOS, J2ME, Samsung bada, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and several widget standards are but a few of these platforms. 

We assign, tailored to each project, a multi-platform team of experienced engineers who fortify each others' strengths.
We adhere strongly to the agile method as it guarantees the flexibility needed in mobile app development. 

As open source enthusiasts, we also offer tools to the mobile community. 
Our core product is J2ME Polish, a development framework that overcomes the device fragmentation barrier and provides design, customization, and rapid development of features to all mobile Java developers. Glaze UI is a framework that enables BlackBerry Java developers to easily create stunning user interfaces for BlackBerry devices. We also contribute to various external open source projects in the mobile space.  

Last, but definitely not the least, the "Mobile Developer's Guide to the Galaxy", beloved by the mobile community, was inititated and is maintained by Enough. The guide serves as an objective and up-to-date introduction to mobile app development for developers and decision makers, alike, everywhere. 

Our roster of customers include companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Telefonica, Qualcomm, Huawei, Vodafone and Volkswagen.

The city center of Bremen in north-western Germany is home to our office

Get in touch with us via phone over +49 421 9889 131 or by sending your inquiries to services@remove-this.enough.de

We do not support military or nuclear energy related projects.

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Get in touch by sending inquiries to services@remove-this.enough.de or call us at
+49 (0)421 9889 131.